The end of an era 

The band has now dissolved,  the band room empty,  the eyes of dissent have closed.  Look for our members around in other projects.  You can find Eric playing guitar in Slam Shifter and Bums Island,  You can find Jon playing with Saydocarah,  Bear and Shannon will probably both find other projects soon.  JG wants to find all new members and continue with Disciples according to his facebook posts.

Lighting up that Caviar Gold (stage) at Hempfest 2016 

It was great to play at the 25th Anniversary of the Protestival called Hempfest.  We shared the Cavi Gold stage with many great bands.  Thanks also to the sponsors Caviar Gold, iCandy Espresso, Herban Legends and Mary J's for their hospitality.   

check out our facebook page for more pictures from the show!

Eastern Washington Destruction 

We had a great 2 show weekend in Eastern Washington this past weekend.  First up was The Hangout in Moses Lake,  Started the day out in Seattle, drove out to Moses Lake, Hit the pool.   LIterally, check it out!

We then proceeded to Michaels on the Lake for some grub and then to the venue for a night we wont soon forget.  We had a great time with all the bands.  First up was our friends in Nuke Box Zero for that  Aural Assault, Next was Thunder Knife, Disciples, and then some really heavy shit - Desolate

Saturday was off to Spokane in the morning,  Stopped at The Press (a bar that has a buffet style bloody mary area)  You basically buy cups of vodka and then do your best.   Checked in, had lunch and then off to The Palomino for another great night of metal.  Lots of great bands that night too like  Ground Zero and  Charlie Drown.

Worth mentioning was a couple shirts got stolen from The Hang Out the night before from the promoter there.  They were sad and laughing at the same time, saying you got to admit, your stuff is worth stealing now.   Hold your Disciples merch close friends.

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